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The Furniture Gallery

Our current catalogue of office furniture.

As leading specialists with a trading record spanning over 25 years we are proud to present the furniture, carpets and fabrics – the work of our partner makers.

All our partners are established British companies, all work in full compliance with current British Standards, also relevant EU requirements are adhered to in full. You may be assured of the highest standards of expertise and service in your business relations with Spencer & Company.


To our online display of British Made Furniture

Meeting our client’s requirements – on time -on budget – with the most suitable products is the true strength of our business. We cannot possibly show you the entire contents of our library that fills 4 x 4 drawer filing cabinets plus around 34 metres of shelving.

We are experienced in every aspect of furnishing interiors from a bespoke boardroom for a city corporation to a simple table napkin for a hotelier, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, every detail may be provided and installed to your specific requirements.

Give us a try! You’ll be pleased you made that call, establishing your most reliable contact and service provider we will be delighted to assist you time after time. I and my team are at your service Monday – Saturday 8am

Roger Spencer